Thursday, March 18, 2010

"We'll talk Weddings!" Yeay!

Dear fellow blogger... beware ( HE HE HE )

I might have been following / reading ur blog silently all the while!
Since I am the season writer... so utk post ni I'll just put this info for all of u whom maybe coincidentally or mistakenly read blog yg terbiar ni ha ha

Please register before 19th March 10, Friday through email to Puan Diah

Event: Blogger & Brides (x & to be) Gathering

Venue: Daisy Hall, THE ZON ALL SUITES RESIDENCES (hotel belakang masjid klcc)

Day & Date: Saturday, 27th March 2010
Time: 2pm-6pm

Ticket price: RM25nett per person which includes
  • HI-TEA (light meals)
  • Doorgift
  • games-(for guys, girls, unmarried couples & married couples)
  • wedding talk & discussions
  • parade of wedding dresses by some famous designers (ex brides')
  • wedding albums review
  • Booth for wedding stuff and casual stuff (wedding cards, dresses & accessories, doorgifts, mini dais, lanterns, feminine care)
  • workshops and tips
So girls, I might be a quite type, but pls, lets exchange our salam there!

~ Looking forward to c u all ~

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