Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sangat CHOMEL!

I need to prepare my doorgift / favors / goodies (whatever people called it ) all by myself. Yes, DIY! and among all the ideas I've been digging for quite a while...I fall in LOVE with talented Maisarah! oppss, not her, but I do love her hand-carved rubber stamps...hehehe

Step one...kena order stamp ni cepat...ya, some sort of my own wedding stamp. Ideanya ialah, kalau dah ada stamp sendiri...bolehla saya menyiapkan my DIY paper bag dgn lebih cepat. ( Saya sgt berharap Maisarah will accept my order ). If I stick to my original idea to put a TQ tag...huwaa imagine berapa lama pulak masa yg kan saya abiskan...buat SENDIRI ni...
Next step is after I got all my paper bags ready...I will just stamp all of it! Must be very cute!

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