Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hidup memang tak selalu indah, belajarlah untuk jadi tabah

Pagi yg bermula hening seperti selalu.

Malam semalam we got a called from mak yg Zul kemalangan. We prayed that he won't be seriously injured, tapi nampaknya tidak. Zul dipindahkan hospital sebab pendarahan dalam kepala. Hari ni mungkin kena balik penang.

After send him off to work (kepintu ja sebenarnya haha) I watched Mistress of Spices by Aishwarya Rai, at Astro. Well, realized that many of us usually abandon their hometown to pursuit for a happiness, and a better life. Who knows whats life gonna give them in future, but it's really depends on how you wanna wrestled to achieve your dreams. Keep on fighting to the end, everybody.

No idea of what can I do to make my day today, while waiting for him to come back, house cleaning routine? Definitely, and after that?

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